Shout-out to Podcamp Toronto folks... hope you have fun!
Yahoo!Pipes and its dating problem... (and a failure of RSS standardization)

Light blogging here this week as I'm out at "ETel" in San Francisco... VoIP blogger dinner... more...

I anticipate not blogging here (at "Disruptive Conversations") as much this week because today starts the first day of ETel, a.k.a. O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony conference.  I am out here in full "VoIP blogger/podcaster/speaker" mode with two presentations (a workshop today and a general conference session Thursday) and a bunch of other activities going on.

So I expect that I'll be blogging more over at "Disruptive Telephony" about the goings on here. I'll also be recording a number of the sessions as O'Reilly has given me the permission to do so for Blue Box (assuming the speakers are alright with that).  And I expect to be doing a number of other interviews as well... so it will be a busy week!

Also, in what should be a very fun event,Andy Abramson has organized a "VoIP Bloggers Dinner" that currently shows something on the order of 38 people having signed up!  Should be fun...

Anyway, I would not expect to see me writing much here this week...   (but of course, I've been known to be wrong before)