Reuters reports on Facebook and its growth, app platform (and the fact that its walled garden is a plus)
"Vermont eyes virtual world" (SecondLife) - A sure sign of the success of Facebook Platform when there is a site out to review Facebook apps...

image You have to know that the "Facebook Platform" is being successful when there turns out to be an entire web site dedicated to reviews of Facebook applications!  Yes, indeed, courtesy of the previously mentioned Reuters article, I learned today about run by a gent named Rodney Rumford.  (Yes, okay, so I missed it when it appeared on Digg back in mid-June. Hey, I was on vacation!) In looking through the site, I learned of a number of apps I hadn't yet seen (like this one remarkably from LinkedIn or this one from c|net).  I do like the way he is providing a "rating" of apps - if you are going to do reviews, a rating is a good thing to have in my opinion.

In any event, it's good to see a site like this and I'll be adding it to the list of "social media apps" sites I watch.