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Heading out to Podcast and New Media Expo next week...

200709211012I'm delighted to say that I'll now definitely be at the Podcast and New Media Expo at the end of next week (and into the weekend) out in Ontario, California. I was debating whether or not to go because I'll be at AstriCon the previous few days in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally I was intending to just do AstriCon, but I've changed my schedule a bit so that I'll fly from Phoenix to Ontario, CA, on Thursday night so that I can participate in PME events on Friday through Sunday. Taking the good old red-eye home Sunday night.

I went to last year's PME and very much enjoyed spending time with all the various podcasters and bloggers that I've come to know. Should be a good bit of fun this year as well, although my focus will be a wee bit different. One of the various new paths I'm very seriously considering is to head into consulting and may do more with social media work. I've already been advising several companies about podcasts, blogs, etc.... I may turn that into something more formal. So my trip to PME will be much more business-focused than last year... and I'll be looking to talk to a number of folks about potential partnership opportunities. (Are you interested in potentially partnering with me? or engaging my services? Let's talk. ;-)

In any event, most of all it will simply be just plain fun to reconnect face-to-face with so many of the other members of the social media community whom I know now as friends!

If you read this and are going to be out at the PME, please do drop a line as I'm always interested to connect with folks.

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