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Ahhh... "lynx"... have you ever wondered what your web site looks like in text-only mode?

200710092106When I was complaining in a groupchat today about issues I was having with both Safari and Firefox on my MacBookPro, someone wisecracked that I should get "lynx" if I wanted performance. Having fond memories of lynx - but quite frankly having forgotten completely about it - I immediately I dived to the command line and typed "lynx", but of course, it wasn't installed. However, Apple provides lynx as a free download. If you've never seen lynx, it's perhaps worth a look to see what "the Web" sort of looked like around 1993 before Mosaic came out. (Actually, it looked like the original "www" browser at info.cern.ch, but that's another matter.)

On a serious side, lynx is useful if you want to see what your web pages look like to text-based applications such as those used by the visually-impaired/blind. It's also fast because of course you get rid of all those pesky graphics, widgets, flash objects, etc. :-)

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