Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Applications and Widgets"?
Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Social Search"?

Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Social News and Bookmarking"?

200711281322What sites would you nominate for "Applications and Widgets" for the Open Web Awards? As I described earlier, this site is one of the places you can nominate candidate sites. Please do so by leaving a comment with the word "NOMINATE" at the beginning followed by a dash and the site name. For instance "NOMINATE -".

As noted in the post on this topic:

We see a lot of startups enter the social bookmarking scene on a regular basis, many of which are never to be heard from again. But a few new interesting entrants have emerged this year in the battle to take on the likes of Digg,, and Reddit. A few notables include Mixx, who offers a pretty neat social news/start page mashup, Thoof, who takes a collaborative approach to social news, and Streamy, who has garnered a lot of attention for its flashy Digg rival, though still in private beta. Meanwhile, anyone can now quickly and easily create their own social bookmarking sites using services like Pligg and coRank. Are any of these worthy of an Open Web Award, or are the big boys still the best?

What sites and services do you like best? Please feel free to make multiple nominations - and if someone else has already nominated your site, please feel free to leave another comment with the same nomination. ( has asked us to pass along the number of nominations we receive for each site.

Let the nominating begin! (Nominations will be closed at 11:59PM Pacific time on Tuesday, December 4th)

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