Blognation Meltdown? Oliver Starr leaves Blognation with accusations in his "Open Letter to Sam Sethi"
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My own Open Letter to Sam Sethi - please bring back the post about Marc Orchant's heart attack!

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Sam Sethi indicates he is restoring the post about Marc. Thank you, Sam!

Dear Sam,

I don't know you. Odds are you don't know me. I've been a huge fan of your blognation network and am personal friends with several of the authors who write for you. Today it is pretty clear you are having some challenges. It is probably not one of your better days. Understandably, you seem to be removing all traces of Oliver Starr from your site. Personally, I think that's rather short-sighted because Oliver and Marc and everyone who wrote for you there were talented writers and many of us linked to those pages and valued their writing. If you do want to salvage, many of us have given you lots of "link love" which will now wind up getting errors. From an SEO point-of-view, it does not seem to be the smartest move. But it's your site and you can do with it what you will. Oliver has personally attacked you in a very public manner. You are no doubt angry and that is understandable.

But why? Why? Why? Why did you have to pull down the post about Marc Orchant's massive heart attack? (and along with it all the comments left by well-wishers?)

200712050629All around the blogosphere, hundreds upon hundreds of bloggers have linked to that post (as did I). When last I saw, there were something like close to 200 comments left to that post. It is very clear from Oliver's update page that this was great solace to Marc's family.

Why did you pull the post down? Sure, it was written by Oliver, but so what? It is about one of your employees who suffered a massive heart attack and even now lies in a coma! Through the blogosphere people have heard about Marc and will be continuing to check in on that page to get the status of Marc's recovery.

Can you please bring that post back?

Obviously, if Oliver is no longer part of blognation, he can't update the page and it sounds like he is more directly connected to Marc than you are. Okay, so why can't you go into that (restored) page and simply put at the very top something like this:

UPDATE: As Oliver Starr is no longer associated with Blognation, future updates on Marc's condition and recovery can be found on Oliver's update page about Marc. Our thoughts are with Marc and his family in this terrible time.

Or some words like that. Let people come back to the page about Marc's condition and then find out where to go to get updates.


You and Oliver can have your public disagreement and flame each other all you want... but let's leave Marc out of the picture. He's in a coma and he and his family need the thoughts, prayers, good wishes, resources, etc. of all the rest of us.

Please do the right thing and bring that page back. Please bring back those comments which were obviously appreciated by Marc's family.

At the very least, can you please put a redirect in your web server that maps the URL for the original post about Marc to Oliver's update page? Yes, I know you don't like Oliver right now and probably would sooner stick a knife in your body than link to Oliver's new site... but please...

do it for Marc.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dan York

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