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MTV releases music video library on Web - causes single biggest productivity drop in 2008

mtvmusic.jpgRemember those music videos you used to watch when MTV first launched? C'mon, admit it... I'm sure you do. If you grew up in USA in the 1980's, MTV was definitely part of our collective experience and probably most of can recall videos from that era.

Now, we can watch them. (and newer ones, too, of course)

Yes, indeed, MTV has released thousands of music videos in full form and from what I can see without any advertising at -

I have to agree with CrunchGear that perhaps the coolest aspect is that you can embed the videos and share the links. So here are a few that may take some of you back a few years...

This was perhaps one of my favorites (but then again, I'm a student of the German language):

And who could forget "Major Tom"? (Although I admit to being more partial to the German version...)

And whatever you do, STOP this video before you get to the chorus or it will infect your brain for the rest of the day:

Of course, some songs of the era are just classics (no matter what concerns we may have later had over the lyrics):

And no list would be complete without, of course, "Money for Nothing", which I do recall hearing OVERPLAYED so many zillion times in the mid-1980s... but the lyrics definitely go with this blog post:

Ah, what fun... many more await you at what are your favorites?

Me? Now that I went there yesterday night I think I'll be avoiding it for a while... way too easy to get sucked in!

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