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For Immediate Release episode #490 - co-hosted by yours truly (Dan York)

fir_100x100.gifToday I had the fun of filling in for Neville Hobson and joining Shel Holtz as a co-host for For Immediate Release episode #490. Neville was busy in his first week with his new job and so Shel asked me if I was interested in co-hosting. I happened to have a block free in my schedule in the middle of the day so I was glad to join Shel. Long-time readers know that I've been submitting weekly reports into FIR for probably over four years now, so I'm obviously quite familiar with the show, the format, etc.

As you'll hear in the show, Shel and I had quite an enjoyable time covering a wide range of topics about which both of us are passionate. The summary Shel wrote is:

Content summary: Dan York joins Shel as guest co-host while Neville copes with demands during his first week in his new job; our interview with Steve Rubel on lifestreaming and other matters is set for Friday; Dan reports that a lot of good content is coming out of the Inbound Marketing Summit, which is taking place today and Friday; Dan talks about his marketing and communications responsibilities at Voxeo and how he uses the concept he has dubbed “the attention wave”; Sallie Goetsch reports on the death of podcasting; Media Monitoring Minute; News That Fits: the FTC issues rules for affiliate bloggers in the U.S., companies continue to invest in social media but 54% of them block their own employees, a company owns up to unethical behavior, a deep dive into Twitter statistics including the behaviors that promote retweeting; music from Matthew Ebel; and more.

Links to the articles we discussed can be found in the show notes over on The New PR Wiki.

It was quite fun and I thank Shel for asking me. Schedule permitting I'd be glad to do it again sometime.

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