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Note to blog comment spammers: Try spacing out your messages! :-)

Had to laugh when I looked at my email this morning... a number of spam comments made it through Akismet running on blogs.voxeo.com and showed up in my inbox:

All of them linking to the same website with the same pithy message about how great the site is and that they would be subscribing to the RSS feed, etc.

And all sent in the short period of time...

Do blog spammers just think we blog administrators are dumb? Or desperate enough to want comments so we'll let them through?

I mean... one message might sneak through if I didn't check the author and the URL (these were giveaways) ... but post a whole bunch of identical comments and of course it will throw up a red flag!

Sadly, there are probably a lot of blog sites out there where these might work because people aren't running comment spam protection or aren't as diligent (or don't care)....

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