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One Day of Content Creation: Dec 1, 2010 - 16 blog posts across 14 sites

Building off of something I did the first time back in July, I decided to see if I could fit in writing across as many of the sites where I can write as possible. Why today? Partly to celebrate C.C. Chapman's new book, "Content Rules", and partly because... well... it's December 1st and so it seemed a good way to kick off the last month of 2010!

How did I do this time?

Today's tally is 16 blog posts published across 14 sites. And, unlike last time I did this, today was not only about writing. Today's content also included a set of photos uploaded to Flickr and a video podcast. (And in the time it took me to create, edit, render and publish the video podcast I probably could have cranked out 2 or 3 written posts!)

With that... I'll get this post up in the final minutes of the day... and put this "One Day of Content Creation" theme back on the shelf for maybe another six months or so. :-)

For the record, here are today's posts... (and yes, the VoiceObjects Developer Portal post is listed as December 2nd because the server goes off of the time in Germany - and it was already "tomorrow" when I posted the piece there)

Personal Blogs

Disruptive Conversations:

Disruptive Telephony:

Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks:

Voxeo Blogs

The Tropo Blog

Voxeo Talks:

Speaking of Standards:

Unified Self-Service:

Voxeo Labs:

Voxeo Developers Corner

VoiceObjects Developer Blog

Phono Blog

Emerging Tech Talk (video)

Blogs I did NOT update

And as the day draws to an end, I see there are still more blogs/sites that I did NOT update... simply not enough hours today: :-)

Next time...

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