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When Did Facebook Add Notifications to the *Page* Sidebar? (Awesome feature!)

This = VERY cool!


I just visited several of the Facebook Pages where I am an admin today and noticed that in the right sidebar there is this "Notifications" drop-down menu... with the number of new notifications visible if there are any.

This is way better than the ability to "Use Facebook as a page" rolled out in the Facebook Page updates back in February (that I covered with a detailed walk-through). With that update, you could see notifications of new interaction with your page... but only if you switched to using Facebook "as the page".

Now... this "Notifications" menu is very nicely displayed on the page when you simply visit as yourself.

Nicely done, Facebook... as Page owners, we are now a huge distance where where we were (with no notifications whatsoever) last year.

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My FIR Report - June 13, 2010 - How Apple's WWDC News Impacts Communicators

In my report into today's For Immediate Release (FIR) podcast, I spoke about why communicators should care about the news coming out of Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) last week. In particular, I spoke about the deep integration of Twitter into iOS 5, the next version of the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. I also spoke briefly about iMessage, the new IM service that Apple is introducing in iOS 5.

I also discussed iCloud and how Apple is truly moving to viewing Mac laptops and servers as "just another device" connected to the cloud... and how this is another sign of our true migration to a "post-PC era" (using "PC" generically for desktop computers) where functionality moves into the cloud.

I also explained why I thought communicators ought to care about all of this, even if they don't use Macs or Apple devices... but for that, you'll need to listen to the episode ;-)

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Want to Join in World IPv6 Day? Here's How To Set Up Your Home Office With IPv6

Worldipv6day 2Tomorrow, June 8, 2011, is "World IPv6 Day" and Google, Facebook, Yahoo and hundreds of other sites are preparing to enable IPv6 on their main websites. For 24 hours, the main websites of those organizations will be accessible over both IPv4 and IPv6, rather than requiring a separate domain name like "" or "".

The day will be a day to test out how well various websites work using IPv6... and what experiences users have in connecting over IPv6.

Would you like to join in the testing and experimentation?

To do so, you need to have IPv6 connectivity, naturally. You can go to either of these sites to see if you currently have IPv6 connectivity:

If you do have IPv6 connectivity, then you are all set to participate and will have no problem connecting to sites using IPv6.

If you do not, but would like to join in the experiment, here are two articles I wrote about how you can easily configure a home network to use IPv6 using the free service available at

I also have other information available on an IPv6 Resource Page I put together (the page does have a slant toward telecommunications because that's the business I'm in... but some of the tutorials are equally applicable to people outside of telecom).

Direct participation in using IPv6 on World IPv6 Day is entirely optional, of course, although everyone will be part of the experiment of the big sites adding IPv6 support. You don't have to do anything and hopefully everything will "just work" for you on the Internet and Web tomorrow.

For those of you who would like to play, though, hopefully these links are enough to get you started...

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iTunes / iCloud Sync Across Devices Rocks!

So, just for the record, the new iTunes-in-the-Cloud synchronization across multiple iOS devices that was announced yesterday as part of "iCloud" does truly rock!

Upgraded iTunes to 10.3 on my Mac and was delighted to find that I could pull down music purchased on my iPhone directly onto my Mac:

ITunes in the cloud

And yes, there was a "Download All" button below the screenshot that I used in this case.

Similarly, I pulled down a variety of purchased music directly onto my iPad that I had not sync'd via the computer-based iTunes before.

If this is a true preview of how seamless iCloud is going to make the user experience once it comes out this fall, I'm really looking forward to it!

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Apple vs. Microsoft: TechMeme Shows Who the Tech Media Care About...

Today was of course the first day of Apple's World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) with the annual keynote from Steve Jobs and friends. It's the time when nerds, geeks, fanboys and the tech media all look out to the Moscone Center in San Francisco to learn about what is new from Apple.

This year, someone at Microsoft decided to have an Xbox event at the E3 conference, starting a half-hour before the WWDC keynote. While I saw some media outlets on Twitter trying to tweet about both events, it was pretty clear where the attention of the early adopter and tech set was... and when I looked on Techmeme at the end of the WWDC event, it was VERY clear. Here is a screenshot of the Apple-related stories:

Techmeme apple

Here is a screenshot of the Microsoft-related stories:


I went back in time a bit via Techmeme's interface, but never saw much more of a rise in Microsoft stories.

Now... is this because the tech media sites are fans of Apple? Is it because the Xbox event was live-streamed so anyone could watch it... while the WWDC event was NOT, so you had to read about it? Is it a reflection that Apple was talking more about general software while the Xbox event was about games?

Probably a bit of all of the above... but it's also a good sign in my mind of where the attention is these days.

P.S. And yes, I, too, was watching the live-blogging and tweeting coming out of WWDC...

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