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2 posts from November 2014

Ello Adds Feature To Share Posts Out To Other Social Networks

The team over at Ello yesterday added the ability to share out posts you write on Ello to other social networks. When you are logged in to Ello, there is now a small circle-and-arrow icon below a post: Ello sharing link When you click/tap the icon you get the typical kind of "social sharing" box that you see on many social networks:` Ello social sharing You click on the social network to which you want to share and you get the usual kind of sharing windows you see for that given social network. As co-founder Paul Budnitz notes, there was internal discussion about whether to offer this capability, but they decided:
On the other hand, we've have had many requests from Ello users for this function — especially from people who want to make Ello the central place for all their online activity, and need to post out to friends and followers who are still using other networks.

It will be interesting to see how widely this gets used and whether this is an incentive for people to use Ello as one of the places they primarily post content.

If you use Ello, what do you think about this feature?

UPDATE: The Ello team also released a wide range of other interesting features and fixes.

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FIR On Technology Episode 2 - Known and the Indie Web

Firontechnology 300What is “Known” and how does it relate to the IndieWeb? What is the difference between the Known software and the Withknown hosted platform? How do these compare to the new Ello social network? And what value are any of these to communicators?

Back on October 29, I released episode 2 of "FIR On Technology with Dan York" where I had a discussion with Shel Holtz about the new Known platform and what it can do. If you haven't taken a listen yet, I encourage you to do so!

I would also encourage you to read my article from September 26: "The Importance of The 'Known' Publishing Platform And The Rise Of The Indie Web", as that was the basis of what got me interested in Known.

Please do explore, too, the lengthy list of links in the show notes that connect you to many different aspects of the Known project as well as to the larger IndieWeb movement.

As I noted, I am experimenting a bit with the hosted version of Known at I'll be quite honest and say that I'm not yet ready to replace one of my primary publishing platforms... but I'm intrigued by what they are doing with Known and have been watching the ongoing updates to the platform on Github.

I have some ideas for some future projects and might consider Known... although I must admit that most of my work these days is heavily invested in WordPress and I'm trying not to have too many more platforms. However, there are some projects that don't need the full power that WordPress provides - and they might be perfect for what Known is trying to do.

Regardless, I think it's great to have another potential publishing platform out there - and I very much like the ideals of the IndieWeb movement!

Anyway... please do enjoy episode #2 of FIR On Technology - and please do let me know that you think of the podcast!

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