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Is it e-book? e-Book? eBook? ebook? Ebook? EBook?

Anyone else wondering when we will all standardize on what we call an electronic book?  I routinely see some or all of:

  • e-book
  • e-Book
  • eBook
  • ebook
  • Ebook

I haven't personally seen "EBook", but I could imagine that being a candidate, too.  What do you all think?  Which one should we use?

P.S. Of course, some 30-ish years in, we still don't know whether it's "e-mail" or "email" :-)

One simple reason why O'Reilly ROCKS when it comes to e-books

Ever since getting my iPad, I've been starting to buy more e-books and reading them on the iPad.  I've bought them directly in iTunes and also from other different vendors.  Today I was reminded again why O'Reilly & Associates continues to be such a great publisher to buy from... here's the email I received:


A simple email letting me know that an updated version of the ebook is available for download - and what was fixed.  I've received this now for several of the ebooks I purchased for them.  It's wonderful customer service and makes me want to buy from them again!

Great work, O'Reilly folks!

P.S. Disclosure: O'Reilly hasn't paid me for this blog post nor do they have a clue I'm writing it. I just like their products and service.