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My FIR Report for October 3, 2011

Shel and Neville were recording Monday's "For Immediate Release" podcast episode over the weekend, so my report has already been sent in. This week I covered:

Of course, to hear all of that, you'll need to tune into Monday's edition of the FIR podcast after Shel or Neville posts it. Enjoy!

Corporate/enterprise microblogging - my review of Yammer, Present.ly and Laconi.ca

What are the benefits of microblogging within a corporation or enterprise? What value does it bring? How can it be used? And how do these new tools like Yammer, Present.ly, Laconi.ca and others measure up?

Over on a Voxeo blog, I went into lengthy detail on all of those points in a post called "Yammer, Present.ly, Laconica and pushing enterprise microblogging into the cloud". I basically laid out:

  • The benefits and use cases we've seen for corporate microblogging within our company over the few weeks we've been trying it out.
  • Our experience with using Yammer - the positive and negative aspects and how it does and does not compare with Twitter.
  • Some thoughts about how Present.ly compares to Yammer.
  • Some thoughts on how the open source Laconica could be used to build a corporate microblogging service.
  • Some thoughts on the wide range of companies leaping into the space right now.

Along with some general thoughts on what to think about when investigating these solutions and some pointers to the great work done by Laura Fitton and Jeremiah Owyang among others.

This was also somewhat predictably the topic of my weekly report into the For Immediate Release podcast today.

Rather amusingly, on the same day I published my review, the New York Times came out with two articles on the same general theme - one as an "article" in the main site and one as a blog post:

The comments on the NYT blog post make for interesting reading. Obviously we at Voxeo are not alone in experimenting with Yammer.

I'm sure lots more will be written in the months ahead about corporate microblogging - and I'm sure I'll be writing more on it here. Meanwhile, please do enjoy my review of the tools and please do let me know what you think (either here or there). Have you tried Yammer? or Present.ly? or Laconi.ca? Or one of the other options? Do you see a role for microblogging within an enterprise?

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Learn more about identi.ca by listening to this OSCON 2008 microblogging talk...

identi-ca-logo.jpgWould you like to learn more about the identi.ca microblogging service? (Essentially an open source service similar to Twitter.) Last month at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON), identi.ca founder Evan Prodromou gave a talk on identi.ca and it's underlying software, Laconica. I recorded the audio which Evan has made available for listening. His slides are online at SlideShare:

Evan discusses the philosophy behind his work and how he wound up creating identi.ca. It was great to meet Evan and spend some time talking with him. I look forward to seeing how that site and also the Laconica software evolves. (And you can follow me there on identi.ca at identi.ca/danyork)

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Twhirl (and a whack of other Twitter clients) add identi.ca support

twhirl-identica.jpgYesterday, the big news in the microblogging world was the release of Twhirl version 0.84 with support for identi.ca. (If you don't understand the significance of identi.ca, I would point you to my earlier post.) The wonderful aspect of this is that I now have a window on my screen that automagically updates with my latest "dents"[1] and those of the people who I follow.

Just like working with my Twitter stream, I can easily reply to people (as you can see in the screenshot). I can lookup users and subscribe to them. I can see my own posts and also replies to me. Twhirl also has a very cool feature where you can easily see in the client who you are following and who is following you. (You can't do this for Twitter in Twhirl.)

For me this makes identi.ca infinitely easier to use. There's also a XMPP integration that allows for real-time receiving of identi.ca notices... which sort of turns Twhirl into almost an instant messaging program. I've not tried this yet, but the tutorial shows how easy it is to set up. Nice feature (and something you can't do with Twitter).

Separately from Twhirl, there have also been updates to other Twitter clients Posty and Spaz and a new IndentiFox client (a spinoff of TwitterFox). Additionally, a Twitterific user figured out how to hack it to work with identi.ca. Naturally there was a good amount of blogosphere coverage. Here are some worth reading:

It's great to see... and let's see the support for identi.ca continue to grow! Good times...

P.S. If you are experimenting with identi.ca, feel free to follow me at identica.com/danyork

[1] I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the word "dents", but: a) it's getting common usage; and b) I don't have an alternative.

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