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Want to Track the Chaos and Disruption in Media? Use Mediagazer, the Techmeme for media

Want to keep up with the ongoing disruption in the media business? Want to understand how business models are fundamentally changing? Want to learn about the newest tools that are appearing? Want to just stay up on the latest changes?

For years now, I've been using Techmeme.com to stay up on the changes in the tech world, but only recently have I really started to use Techmeme's sister site, Mediagazer:


Like Techmeme, Mediagazer uses a combination of automated tools and human editing to curate the best stories - and the follow-on stories - in one place.


It's a well-done site that helps communicators keep up with the changes that are going on all around us in the media industry. Mediagazer's feed is of course also available on Twitter.

Well worth a look if you haven't seen it...

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The strange fascination of "LOLCats"

image Ever since I started using Twitter, I have often been quite amused (and annoyed) by the various images with kittens that appeared whenever there was a server error.  The typical image has a cat inside a computer with words like "IM IN UR SERVER".  I usually either laughed or cursed... but I didn't realize that I'd missed the larger meme of which these are a part - a meme called "LOLCats". The Wikipedia entry for LOLcats naturally has plenty of interesting links.  It seems that this began about the beginning of the year or late in 2006.  The premiere site really seems to be "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" which started with this eponymous entry.  Around April 2007 there seems to have been a big explosion in interest and coverage.

I missed it all.  If you did, too, here's some links to get caught up:  :-)

And of course, should you wish to create your own LOLcat images, you might want to first read:

and then visit the:

The linguist and lover of languages in me finds this all rather amusing... yet another way to abuse the English language!  Yet I admit that many of the images are amusing and fun...  just another one of those curious things to emerge from this thing we call the Internet.