FacebookCamp Montreal - Wednesday, November 7, 2007
O'Reilly - Facebook apps aren't as hugely successful as some would like you to think!

Awakening to a "social media birthday"...

As has been commented on by others in this space, social media brings a new element to birthdays. Already, messages are appearing on my Facebook wall, and Skype contacts have been sending me birthday notes as well. (Helped to a degree by the fact that many of the folks so far are in Australia or Europe, so the day is already well underway for them.) It's quite nice, really... it definitely puts the "social" aspect in the media.

While I share Christopher Penn's concerns about privacy and giving away your birthdate, I will admit that today is my birthday. Because of those privacy concerns, I tend NOT to post the year of my birth, although that's not terribly hard to figure out due to the fact that there is already so much information online about me. I also seem to have included it in my Skype profile (was I required to do so?) and so my Skype contacts understand that this particular birthday is a bit more of a milestone than others. (Hint for the rest of you - I was actually born during a Star Trek episode during the original run of the original series. Trekkie's can figure it out from there... )

Thank you to all who have sent their greetings!

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