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Joining the "2000 Bloggers" project...

 Given that it seemed an interesting (and one-time) experiment, I left a comment on Tino Buntic's 2000 Bloggers project page and now have been added to the giant page of photos of the 2000 bloggers (WARNING: The page is (Duh!) graphic heavy!)  Rather than leave the URL for my personal blog, I left the URL for this new blog, partly as an experiment in site traffic.  Being so new, I can get a better view of site-driven traffic... we'll see.  I don't really know how many visitors would actually come over here as a result of my picture (the same standard one I use on this blog).  Now, if my picture had been a bit different or strange or weird, perhaps... Anyway, it's just another part of the ongoing experiment in all these media.

BTW, he says he has not yet his 2000 bloggers, so if you are interested in being included, head on over to his page and leave a comment.  (You just need to have a photo on your blog and have been blogging for a bit.)

Meanwhile, do check out the pictures and see how many people you know... :-)  It's also just quite fun to see the wide range of faces and photos.