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What looks like bombs under bridges? Real-world disruption in Boston and other cities due to crazy advertising campaign

xxC.C. Chapman writes about today's craziness in Boston caused by an advertising campaign gone wrong.   Reading the news out of the Boston Globe, it sounds like a pretty crazy day there.  More news here.  And it's not just Boston... these packages are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Philadelphia.  You can almost see someone thinking about it... "why don't we place these signs around cities and encourage people to go out and find them?"

But... duh!... in this day and age, to go and plant things under bridges? and other similar locations?  What in the world were they thinking?  Very unbelievable?

On the other hand, Turner Broadcasting has now received more attention that they could ever have imagined for this cartoon series.  I imagine someone's head will roll at Turner... but I also have to wonder how many people will at least know of the series name by now.

Crazy stuff...