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Yikes! My new blog format doesn't work with IE 6!

 A colleague called me this morning to tell me that he was only seeing half my text on this blog and that it was getting cut off by the right two columns.  I checked in both IE and Firefox on my own systems and, finding everything looking fine, asked if he had refreshed/reloaded.  He had, but the issue turned out to be... he's still using IE6!  And, sure enough, when I found that IE6 was still on another PC at home and opened this site myself... yes, indeed, it was all cut off (as seen in the picture on the right).  IE6 loads the main column in first, and so you see the text going all the way across the page.... but then the two right columns overlay on top!  Cutting off the text below for the length of the sidebar columns.  As you scroll down the page, the sidebars eventually stop and you can see the text.

So... it looks like something funky is going on with IE6 and all the TypePad CSS and templates that I'm using to make this site (and Disruptive Telephony) have the look they do.  Now, granted, Microsoft is more or less forcing folks to move to IE7, but there still may be many pockets (like companies with non-IE7-compatible web apps) where they still have IE6.  So for them... these sites of mine aren't working for those readers.

Well, I guess I'll just have to try to find some time to muck around with the TypePad Advanced Templates again...

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