Light blogging this week during Cairo trip...
Excellent thoughts on the success/failure of a social media campaign (Bum Rush The Charts)... and my own 2 cents about what else could have been done differently...

Google's home page in Arabic helps me not at all... (but is amusing!)

Logging onto the Internet here at the hotel in Cairo (for the glorious sum of $26 USD/day) had a rather amusing consequence - the main page for Google is entirely in Arabic! (click image for larger image) The text you enter in appears on the right side of the search box, and the results, as shown on the right (click image for larger image) appear on the right side as well.  Google icon on the right... essentially everything the reverse of the way it appears on the English page (as is appropriate for the way it would be in the Arabic language).

Now, there's a link there that allows you to easily get to the English search page... but I did have to say that this was definitely an entertaining side note of connecting to the Internet from an IP address range obviously known to be Egyptian!   No, Toto, I'm very definitely not in Kansas anymore...  :-)

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