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Michael Seaton - "Presentations are Art" (and a story)

Nice piece by Michael Seaton over at the Client Side Blog: "Presentations are Art".  As I've written here in the past, there's definitely a need to move beyond presentations that are simply filled with bullets.  I liked this part of his post:

I don't know about you, but I have yet to recall anything from a presentation where words on slides were the prevailing feature. However, I fondly remember (in detail) great stories and storytellers. These are the folks that use images over words and engage with an honest and compelling approach to the subject at hand. The ones who manage to energize, motivate and educate in a way that is conducive to their cause and yours.

Well said... and I totally agree.  There's actually a much longer post on the subject rattling around inside my head, but for the moment, I'd direct you over to Michael's post where he provides some tips about how to make your presentations better.

Nicely done, Michael.