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Geek Dinner in Ottawa this Thursday, May 10, 2007... details to follow

About a month ago, I dropped Terry Fallis (of Inside PR and The Best Laid Plans) a note to say that I would be in Ottawa this week and wondered if he would be able to get together with perhaps a few folks for a dinner just to chat on social media-related issues (or anything else).  I knew Terry was normally in Toronto but made frequent trips to Ottawa, so I thought I'd ask if he happened to be in town.  I've enjoyed meeting Terry in the past and it's certainly nice when you're away for a bit to get out of your hotel room and meet up with people.

Terry isn't in town, but he connected me to some others and now Bob LeDraw (of FlackLife) is organizing the event. It will be Thursday, May 10th, at 7pm, probably somewhere on the western side of the city.  If you are in the Ottawa area and want to have dinner with a bunch of folks connected to social media/PR/etc., check out Bob's post or contact him.

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