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Ghost blogging - Sallie Goetsch provides the (updated) perspective of a ghost writer/blogger

After my post yesterday on ghost blogging, there have been a number of thoughtful responses that I'd like to write about... but I simply have no time to do so today. 

I do, though, want to point folks to Sallie Goetsch's outstanding post, "Ghostwriting Does NOT Preclude Authenticity".  Sallie is a ghost writer by trade and discloses here that she is also a ghost blogger and talks a good bit about that.  She and several others (including Kirrily Robert who left a comment on my previous post) have all pointed out that there can be value in having an editor help someone improve their writing (and I don't disagree).  While she suggests that there are better strategies than ghost blogging, she suggests that ghostwriting does not mean it can't be "authentic".  She concludes:

Ghostwriting at its best preserves the author’s authentic voice while it translates it into a new medium. And that should be true whatever form the writing takes: books, speeches, and yes, even blogs

It's a very thoughtful piece and definitely worth a read. (As is Terry Fallis' comment and Sallie's response.)

I'll comment on other responses probably tomorrow.

P.S. I say it is Sallie's "updated" perspective because she pointed out to me in a reply that her original post on ghost-blogging to which I linked yesterday was actually well over a year old since it was posted in February 2006!