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Podcamp Europe registrations look to be going well... 6 weeks out and 78 people!

Registration for Podcamp Europe (June 12-14, Stockholm, Sweden) seems to be going well... 78 people currently registered, with what looks to be quite an interesting range of people there.   Of course, there still need to be more sessions, but those will come as the time gets closer I am sure.

My primary purpose of travelling to Stockholm, of course, is Spring VON Europe where I will be speaking on VoIP security on a panel moderated by my good friend and colleague Martyn Davies. I'm looking forward to meeting a good number of folks there and hearing some of the sessions.

As my schedule and meetings allow, I'm also looking forward to visiting Podcamp Europe (as I know, is Martyn).  In the spirit of things I naturally put myself down for a session or two and will fit those in somewhere around my VON schedule.   Should definitely be a interesting time.

If you are in Stockholm (or can easily get there), do check out Podcamp Europe.  Registration is free and based on recent Podcamp events will no doubt be a very useful and enjoyable experience.