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Shel & Neville's "How to Do Everything with Podcasting" book nearing its launch date..

For a bit now, I've been meaning to post here that Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson's new book "How to Do Everything with Podcasting" is now nearing its launch.  Last week both Shel and Neville posted about it, but with travelling I wasn't doing much blogging and added it to my (long) queue of things to write about.   If you are not aware of Shel and Neville, they are the duo behind the "For Immediate Release" (FIR) podcast that comes out twice weekly on "the intersection of public relations and technology". I've been providing commentary into FIR for now most of two years as a "weekly correspondent" and both Shel and Neville have become good friends over the time.  I've not seen their book yet (since it's not available until June 15th) but knowing them both, I expect it to be both high quality and extremely useful.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it... kudos to them both for putting the time and energy into making it a reality!