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Twitter's outages sure do get tiring... (even with the cute kittens!)

Cute pictures of kittens aside, it's getting increasingly hard to remain a Twitter fan.  Readers are aware that I've been a fan of Twitter and have an account there where I post small entries to links and/or notes while travelling.  It's been definitely an interesting communication experiment and has provided a great amount of interesting links, connections and more. I've enjoyed using it and found it of value both personally and professionally.

But you can only enjoying using it if you can get to the site! And lately, that hasn't been a given.  Now, maybe it's just been my timing, but there have now been several times in recent days when I went to go post something and wound up seeing the kitten.  While it's definitely an amusing and cute way to do an "Please stand by" page, it doesn't get around the fact that the service is unusable.  I do realize that Twitter is suffering under growing pains and I'm certainly willing to give them the chance to fix it.  I just do hope that I stop seeing that darn cat soon...

As I write this, the service is back now and it appears that I did not lose my last post, so, like a good addict, I'll go back to my usage... at least, until the next time the kitten appears.

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