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Finally listened to FIR episode #250, the Tribute episode...

On my flight out to Las Vegas, I finally got a chance to listen to FIR episode #250, our tribute show to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!  And I understand why both Shel and Neville were blushing. 

You see, Sallie Goetsch and I were running around contacting all sorts of people to see about getting contributions while Lee Hopkins had volunteered to do the audio mixing and post-production.  We were getting people to send those contribs into a special gmail address I took out, from where Lee was going to pull the clips.  In the midst of this, Sallie was on vacation and I was in the normal chaos that leads up to going on a week of vacation... and in the middle of things Lee's email server was having problems and was not reliably receiving email from Sallie and I... so it was all a bit chaotic.  But the net of it is that the episode was published while I was offline, so it wasn't until today when I could really listen to it.   Mr. Hopkins did his usual shenanigans with all sorts of audio clips and other things... and the contributions from folks were all very nicely done and great to listen to.

The only bummer was that we left out Bryper's contribution.  He was one of the early ones who sent something in... but it didn't go to the special gmail address and I guess none of us realized that in the run-up to getting the show done.   The good news is that you can catch his comment at the beginning of FIR #251.  Sorry about that, Bryan.

In any event, I thought the episode (and other comments) were definitely a great demonstration of the community that can be built around a show.  I'm glad that both Shel and Neville liked it... and it's great to see them climbing on with #251 and #252... let's see where the next 250 shows take FIR!