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TypePad *finally* provides a native "3-column layout" with 2 sidebars!

As readers of this blog know, I built this blog (and the companion Disruptive Telephony) back in January by using the 3-column hack from TypePadHacks.org to essentially beat TypePad's standard templates into submission and give me the format I've wanted.  Overall, it's worked well... except for the fact that when you leave a comment you get squeezed into a tiny central column.  John Unger had a workaround for that which involved re-generating your Advanced Templates and copying/pasting a lot of things around... which is why I never quite did it.

So now comes word that TypePad has finally released a native template in this format!  I'm delighted because I very much like the format and think it's a great way to have a blog set up (obviously!).  I look forward to using it on several of my other blogs.  I am assuming it will also fix my issue of having a narrow comment field.  It will also allow me to very easily manipulate sidebar content using the standard TypePad tools.  I do it now through the Advanced Templates and, while it can be done, it's not overly fun at times.

And... those users out there still stuck on Internet Explorer 6 will hopefully no longer have a problem viewing my blogs!

Unfortunately, it will probably be a bit for me to move these two blogs over to that new template.  I've now customized and tweaked them so much in the Advanced Templates that it will probably take a while for me to get them moved over. (For instance, I have to move over the navigation bar that appears on the top.)

Still... I'm glad to see the format out there.  And now if you are a TypePad user, you, too, can have a format like this blogs format... without all the pain!  (The pain did, though, force me to learn an awful lot about TypePad Advanced Templates!)