Facebook and the giant sucking sound of all your content coming in... and never leaving... forever... (and Facebook can do whatever it wants with it!)
If Facebook is the new "Internet portal", why are you not supposed to do business on it? (aka more on Facebook's TOS, privacy (or the actual lack thereof), content license, etc.)

Melcrum Communicators' Network now offers reviews and ratings of blogs, podcasts, websites and more

image If you are involved with PR or communications, how do you find out what blogs make sense to follow?  Or which podcasts makes sense to listen to in your limited time?  If you are looking for a site or resource about a particular topic but don't want to have to sort through a zillion results in Google or Technorati, where can you go?

Well, in a new addition to the site, Melcrum's Communicators' Network would like to be that answer. Back in May, I wrote about my initial experience but haven't written much since then.  The site, though, has continued to expand and grow and just recently rolled out a "Reviews" section which lets users of the site review - and rate - blogs, podcasts, websites and more.  The idea is that these are reviews and comments by communicators and for communicators.  So in theory you should be able to tap into the collective views of other communicators to find resources that might be of value to you.    Over time, as more people use the site and contribute, the "top-rated" blogs, podcasts, etc. should in theory drift to the top.

Right now, of course, it is just getting started and so the reviews/ratings are a bit sparse and the rankings represent the input of only a very small number of people.  Over time, though, this should even out and, assuming people are ethical in their rankings, the reviews should be useful.

If you are a member of the Communicator's Network, do login and check it out (and while you are there, please add some comments with ratings and reviews!).  Note that it's very easy to add more resources to the lists if you want to add one that isn't there. If you aren't a member, it's easy to join.