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Congrats to Stuart Henshall and Dina Mehta on their new company, Mosoci...

image Now that Ken Camp has let the cat out of the proverbial bag - and Stuart Henshall is pleased - I'll join in on wishing Stuart and Dina Mehta all the best in their new venture: Mosoci.  I've never had the privilege of meeting Dina (although I've certainly known of her as a result of the tsunami and disaster relief efforts and also the Worldchanging site), but I've known Stuart now for several years through the VoIP blogging world.  I first learned of him back when he started writing about Skype on his Unbound Spiral blog and then went on to create the Skype Journal.  I've subsequently met him face-to-face at a couple of different VoIP-related conferences.   I'll definitely agree with Ken that Stuart is one of the folks out there who really has a good sense of a larger vision/view of the world.

After my recent post on lifestreams, Stuart dropped me an IM to discuss that post a bit, and along the way mentioned his new venture.  (My immediate comment - if he really wanted to be in the "Web 2.0", he was already violating the cardinal rule that all Web 2.0 startups must end in an "r" and omit the final vowel (as in Flickr, Tumblr, Tanglr, etc.)!)   As Stuart said in his blog post today, Mosoci is part collaboration, part research:

Mosoci is the platform of our collaboratory around the interests we love, are passionate about and to reinforce the direction and learning we need to go in.

As to exactly what they will be doing, they state this on their "About" page:

Mosoci provides the research, tools and connections that lead to more innovative communities. We help you think upstream, accelerate learning and gain unique insights that create new products, services and markets.

We help companies big and small, global and local hold effective conversations about change. We love consumer products; new media, communications (VoIP, mobile) and technology. We are deeply engaged in Web 2.0 initiatives which are creating revolutionary new best practices for relating to you and me as users, customers and brand communities.

They list a bit more about what they will offer on their Services page.

I wish them all the best - and look forward to whatever will evolve out of their collaboration!