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Recommendations for platform/service for video podcasts / video blogging?

Recently I've given some thought to doing some experimentation with a video podcast.  My initial thought is something in conjunction with my Disruptive Telephony blog to show/discuss some of the things happening in the world of telephony.  I anticipate doing it with a webcam on my laptop and then perhaps also with recording video on my Canon digital camera (once I get a new one).  For my current experimentation, I'm thinking that I'll just use Windows Movie Maker to add title and end slides and do whatever minimal editing I need. 

But my question is this: where do I host it?

What I am looking for is a site where I can upload the video in some format and have it automagically converted to appropriate viewing formats, complete with the ability to embed video players in blogs.  Though I expect that I'll primarily promote the blogs on my own web page, I would like to be able to have a "show" web page on the hosting site.  At the moment, I'm not really interested in running ads, I don't think, but I guess at some point that might be an interesting option - but I want control over exactly what ads go where.  Today, really all I'm looking for is a publishing platform.

A year and a bit ago, when I first looked at doing something with video, there didn't seem to be all that many choices other than, say, YouTube.  But today, there seem to be a great many players in the space.  I'm NOT looking to do a live show, so that pretty much seems to rule out ustream and blogtv.com.  It seems that to me that some of the major players are the following:

So my question for you all out there reading this is - if you are doing a video podcast or video blog or vlog or whatever you want to call it, where are you hosting your videos?  And why did you use that site/service?

Any thoughts/comments/feedback would be most appreciated. (Thanks!)