Chris Brogan's "Social Media Toolkit" - a great list to get started.
Is a new version of Windows Live Writer set to appear this week?

Nof45: "How to talk like a Canadian - a 12-step program"

Here's some humo(u)r to start your week back after the (North American) holiday.  Since I know from comments that a number of my readers are Canadian, I thought I'd just pass along to a link to a piece I posted last Friday:  "How to talk like a Canadian - a 12-step program".   It came about after a fellow podcaster said he wasn't sure about going to a conference in Canada because "his Canadian was rusty".  A number of Canadians actually helped me improve it a bit.  It's posted on my old "North of 45" blog that I used to chronicle our time living in Ottawa from 2000-2005 (north of the 45th parallel).