Heading up to Ottawa tomorrow...
Why is Facebook's Application Directory Search so incredibly broken?

Offline blogging with ecto on a Mac

200709171332One of the immediate challenges with moving over to a Mac was the fact that I needed an offline editor for blogging. As readers know, on my Windows PC, I've been a huge fan of Windows Live Writer, but obviously that doesn't work natively on the Mac. My next thought was to use Parallels in Coherence mode to use WLW, and I may still ultimately do that, but right now I need to get XP running on Parallels first. And meanwhile I want to blog!

So I went back to a tool I used to use on Windows, before I become a fan of WLW..... ecto.

I have to say that I was immediately impressed by the fact that it went to TypePad and brought over the settings for all my weblogs. With WLW, I had to add each weblog individually. This was much nicer. Now I'll start putting it through its paces.

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