Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Social News and Bookmarking"?
Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks"?

Open Web Awards - What sites would you nominate for "Social Search"?

200711281322What sites would you nominate for "Social Search" for the Open Web Awards? As I described earlier, this site is one of the places you can nominate candidate sites. Please do so by leaving a comment with the word "NOMINATE" at the beginning followed by a dash and the site name. For instance "NOMINATE -".

As noted in the post on this category:

Despite the never-ending barrage of Google news and the dominant market share of the top four search engines, dozens of startups think they can do a better job at helping you query the Web. In fact, we rounded up a list of more than 40 of them a few months ago, and I personally test drove six so-called “people search engines” back in July. After checking out our prior coverage and maybe giving a few social search sites a try of your own, pick your favorite and make a nomination!

What sites and services do you like best? Please feel free to make multiple nominations - and if someone else has already nominated your site, please feel free to leave another comment with the same nomination. ( has asked us to pass along the number of nominations we receive for each site.

Let the nominating begin! (Nominations will be closed at 11:59PM Pacific time on Tuesday, December 4th)

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