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Blognation ends in fire and mud...

95A061ED-E53F-488A-83BC-C29B17E05AE9.jpgAnd so it ends.

Earlier this month I had written that it looked like Blognation was in trouble, but Sam Sethi now has confirmed that with his post.

I'm not going to dignify that post with any further discussion here as there is just way too much mud being thrown around right now. There's definitely room for a higher level of professionalism on a number of different fronts.

Right now my thoughts are more with friends like ( editor) Tris Hussey, who has now naturally posted that he is looking for a new role. Whatever Sam's personal failings may have been, he did pull together a great team of writers! And now they are needing to find something new just as the holidays are upon us.

Personally, I'll miss blognation. The sites had great posts on a range of topics. They brought a great range of commentary on emerging technology and were a good voice to have out there.

What a mess.

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