Open Web Awards - next stage of voting begins today
LinkedIn also releases their application platform (or at least talks about it more)

Newsweek weighs in on "w00t!"

After writing my post last week about "w00t" being Merriam-Webster's "Word of the Year", I was mildly amused to be contacted by a reporter for Newsweek who was writing a human-interest story on the word and had found my blog entry via Google. The article is now out: "W00t! There It Is" We had a great conversation although she did not quote me in the article. She also spoke with Julia Roy who was quoted and twittered that fact. (But Julia, what's with using "sah-weet" in your tweet instead of "W00t!"?) Anyway, it was a fun little example of how the random oddball things you write can sometimes make the strangest (and useful) connections.

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