Skitch is my new friend! (Especially when used with MarsEdit!)
Marantz video demonstrating their new PMD620 portable recorder

Want to work in marketing/social media? In Montreal? Mitch Joel wants you...

If you are interested in getting a new job in marketing/social media, my friend to the north of me, Mitch Joel, is looking for you:
I rarely use this Six Pixels of Separation Blog to talk about the comings and goings at Twist Image, but we have had an incredible year of growth (great clients and fun projects). We had done our projections for 2008, but stuff happens (in a good way) and we're looking for a slew of additional people and talent who want to try their hand in the Digital Marketing space on the agency side.
All the relevant information (including the desire that you be bilingual) is found in Mitch's blog post. Mitch is a great guy... TwistImage is doing some great work... and Montreal is a beautiful city! Check it out!

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