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Local TV station using Twitter to solicit stories

wcaxstories.jpgI was amused to see in my Twitter stream a tweet from local (Burlington, VT) TV station WCAX asking if anyone had story ideas. The page the link takes you to does indeed have contact info. I do wonder if they actually did receive any story ideas.

It's been interesting to watch WCAX's use of twitter. When they started off back in October, they were providing very regular updates on news in Vermont. So much so that I did follow their Twitter stream. I found this a bit ironic since we don't have a TV and so I never actually watch WCAX, but yet here was a way that I wound up interacting with them. At least once this winter their Twitter stream was very useful in that when I saw that there was a major accident on the local highway (I-89) I was able to call my wife to let her know (turned out she was going a different way anyway, but it could have been otherwise).

However, over the last few months there's been a definite fading of the tweets. Instead of many times a day, the tweets came a few times a day, then once or twice... and now, as noted, their last tweet was 2 days ago. (And yes, we do have news going on here in Vermont!) There have also been some big gaps (like from February 21 to March 4 and March 14 to April 9th) that make me wonder if perhaps this is just a side project for someone who isn't always available (or goes away on assignment).

Perhaps I should contact them to actually do a local interview (or maybe suggest a story about their use (or not) of Twitter? :-).

Regardless, it just thought it was fun to see a local TV station here: a) using Twitter; and b) asking for stories through Twitter.

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