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Anyone know how to make Facebook Notes import an RSS feed and have it look nice?

Anyone know who to import a RSS feed into Facebook's Notes component and not have it look horrible? Or is this a WordPress issue?

Recently, we created a Voxeo "Page" inside of Facebook and then I edited the settings for the Notes component to have it import the RSS feed for blogs.voxeo.com. Unfortunately, the result looks rather horrid from a visual perspective:


What are all those HTML character entities doing there? Shouldn't Facebook interpret them correctly as the appropriate characters?

I wonder, though, if this is a WordPress (or WordPress MU) issue. When I look over at my Facebook profile and my Notes page, I also import a RSS feed there, but it's for this Disruptive Conversations blog that is hosted on TypePad. So a different blogging platform is generating the RSS feed. And the Notes page displays fine. In the image below, I've underlined (thank you, Skitch!) characters that are causing problems in the Voxeo feed:


So given this, I'm inclined to think that WPMU might be overly aggressive in converting characters to HTML character entities. But wouldn't you think Facebook should be able to properly render those character entities?

Any suggestions on what I can do here? (Thanks in advance.)

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