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Congrats to Neville Hobson on IABC "Chairman's Award"

A huge congratulations to my good friend Neville Hobson on his receiving the 2009 IABC "Chairman's Award". As the announcement says:
Each year the IABC Chairman honors one or more members of the association who have made selfless contributions and worked hard behind the scenes to enhance the association’s image, facilitate member development and benefit the communication profession. The award recognizes members who have demonstrated initiative and leadership at the international level through serving on committees, speaking at seminars, working with students, assisting with conferences, or writing articles for professional journals. Any current IABC member who has belonged to the association for at least five years is eligible for the award.

Gibson said, “In thinking about who I wanted to honor with the Chairman’s Award, I looked to my ‘Four I’s of IABC’ (international, influence, inspiration & individual). I wanted to select someone who was helping the association be more international, who had influenced and inspired me personally, as well as other members, the profession and beyond, and who took individual initiative to make things happen, rather than sitting back and waiting for others to make a difference. Neville Hobson, ABC, embodies all those things.”

The award statement goes on at some length. It's great to see Neville get this recognition and I'd say he definitely deserves it.

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