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PSNH's Martin Murray on Twitter in the ice storm - and getting coverage via social media

How can Twitter be used as a communication channel in a time of crisis?

Long-time readers of this blog or FIR listeners will remember that back in January 2009 I interviewed Public Service of New Hamphsire (PSNH) spokesperson Martin Murray about his use of Twitter during the December 2008 ice storm we had. Our conversations resulted in two interviews: a 9-minute Emerging Tech Talk video interview and then a longer 30-minute FIR audio interview.

Today the folks at Ragan Communications came out with a new interview of Martin that covers some of the same territory, but also includes a story completely separate from the ice storm about how Twitter helped PSNH get additional coverage of an event. It's a great illustration of how these social tools like Twitter, Flickr, etc. can wind up also helping get coverage in mainstream news media. Here it is:

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