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Flip Video Cameras with WiFi Might Be Useful for Conference Videopodcasting

flipcamera.jpgIntriguing to read today that new Flip video cameras will be coming in 2010 with WiFi support. I don't (yet) own a Flip camera, but I've been watching their evolution, particularly after Cisco acquired the company. I've watched friends use them quite effectively to upload quick video snippets to YouTube and/or their blogs... and sooner or later I know I'll get one. Probably wait for 2010, though, for these WiFi-equipped models...

My particular interest is in being able to shoot quick video interviews at a conference or trade show and then upload them to YouTube directly from the show floor. Sure, you can do this today with a Flip camera by simply plugging it into the USB port on your computer - but you have to open up your computer to do that. That's one more step that gets in the way of rapid posting of videos. As the Mashable article notes, the iPhone 3GS solves this issue by letting up upload video directly over AT&T's network. And for those with a iPhone 3GS that is true (I have a 3G and am too cheap to upgrade), assuming you have decent AT&T coverage wherever the conference is.

A Flip camera with WiFi support, though, could be quite useful at conferences with decent WiFi - which, admittedly can be a challenge. Still there are several that I go to that do have decent video, and when Voxeo has a booth at an event we have our own (secured) WiFi... so I could see it working.

I also could see it working well in an office environment, too, for quick video interviews.

What do you think? Would you buy one with WiFi? If so, where would you use it? Or will you just stick with something like the iPhone 3GS?

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