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Summarizing the Attention Wave concept of packaging news releases

Back in September, I started talking about the idea of creating an "Attention Wave" - of building a package of content around your news release. The whole idea is that:
The opportunity has never been greater to tell your story in your own words.

And that in particular in our attention-starved time, one way to potentially attract more attention to your news is to create a "wave" of stories associated with your news. Instead of simply a single story that appears as a tweet and is then missed... there may be six different stories from you from different points-of-view, plus an audio podcast, plus a video on YouTube... plus stories from other people about your news. It's a series of tweets and retweets that do get attention from people on Twitter (for instance).

Here are the posts I put up on the series:

Over the course of 2010, I have a number of other posts I'd like to write in this series. I'm also looking for examples of people and companies using an approach like this that can be highlighted.

Thanks for all the great comments and feedback I've received about this concept - and I'm looking forward to writing more on it in the months ahead.

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