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Re-connecting with Seesmic Video... (after losing the URL)

seesmiclogo.jpgOnce upon a time... a few years back... there were a good number of us who were trying out short-format video "blogging" by way of Seesmic, from Loic Le Meur... but then Seesmic as a company took a detour, created an AIR-based Twitter client (acquiring Twhirl in there), then creating a web client for Twitter, then a native Windows client for Twitter... and in the process morphing "seesmic.com" into something very different.

Along the way of Seesmic's evolution into something different, I know that at least I (and I'm fairly sure some others) lost track of whatever happened to Seesmic video. So I was pleased to learn today that Seesmic video is still alive at either:


Although it seems that "seesmic.tv" is the one to use based on SSL certificates. Now that I've paid attention, I do now see it at the bottom of the main seesmic.com page... I just hadn't seen it in the past.

So now that I found it again, I of course had to record a video:

Based on the info on my Seesmic profile page, it seems my last video was 314 days ago...

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