FIR Podcast hits the iPhone (and Android) as an app
Humor from The Onion: "Nation Shudders At Large Block of Uninterrupted Text"

A perfect example of how NOT to pitch a blogger through a blog comment...

How many ways can you spell "FAIL"?

You'd think the turkey could have at least filled in my name after "Dear" :-)


Needless to say, I won't be reviewing or trying his service.

(It was someone who is very obviously tracking posts related to a conference I mentioned over on my Disruptive Telephony blog and who seemed to have copied/pasted the contents of an email message into the blog comment, complete with email-type signature. The content was pure marketing-speak and had no personalization whatsoever to my blog. Too bad, because his service does sound halfway interesting... I might have looked it if he had taken a minute or two to personalize his pitch and try to relate it to what I write about. Pitching bloggers isn't rocket science, people!)

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