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dailyshoot.jpgThose of you following my Twitter stream (or subscribing to my newsletter) will know that ever since entering the DSLR world I've become a big fan of the "DailyShoot" site set up by photographer Duncan Davidson and programmer Mike Clark. I've been a fan of Duncan's work ever since I first met him at, I think, eComm 2008 and then again at eComm 2009 where I wrote about some of the images he took there (and yes, some were of me). I started following Duncan's blog and learned more of his photography (like these shots or this iconic shot). He's shared some great info - like his advice for a $2K camera budget and his view into what it takes to shoot a TED conference. Lately I was following his journeys to the Galapagos Islands and shooting underwater on his Tumblr journal. I greatly appreciate both his sharing of knowledge and his passion for photography.

So when he started up the DailyShoot at the end of last year, I paid attention... and joined in the fun, first with simply my iPhone camera and then with my Nikon D90 once I bought it in early December. The idea behind the dailyshoot is simply this:

Photography is an art and a craft. Getting better at both requires practice—lots of practice. The Daily Shoot is a simple daily routine to motivate and inspire you to practice your photography, and share your results! It’s not a contest and there are no prizes. It's simply about encouraging you to pick up your camera and make photographs.

It's a simple process:

  1. Each day a new "assignment" is posted to and tweeted out via @dailyshoot.

  2. You take a photo and upload it to your favorite online photo sharing site. (I post mine to my Flickr account.)

  3. You send a tweet reply to @dailyshoot with the URL of your photo and the hashtag for the assignment (something like "#ds163").

That's it. The Dailyshoot site then takes all the replies and adds them to the stream of photos on the site. There is also a page for each photographer showing the photos they've taken - here's mine.

It's been a fun way to practice photography. I try to do it when I can... as you can see I've only shot 33 of the 164 assignments to date. I find that often I'll take some shots... but then I don't get around to uploading them and tweeting them until sometime later. And while I don't always take the shots, I do enjoy stopping by and looking at the photos that other photographers take... some are truly amazing - and inspiring.

The point of this post, though, is to congratulate Duncan and Mike on crossing over the milestone of having 15,000 photos taken as part of the Dailyshoot site. I saw this on the main page last night:


Cool to see that many people engaging in this fun little exercise. Thanks to Duncan and Mike for keeping it going... and I look forward to continuing to try to get in the practice... (not sure about today's assignment, though... it's a bit more cryptic than some of the other ones)

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