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Convert your old typewriters into iPad keyboards

usbtypewriter.jpgAs a writer, I have an admittedly sentimental attachment to the ancient world of typewriters. I own several... in fact I went through a phase where I thought it would be a cool idea to "collect" them... and accumulated 4 or 5 from various antique stores and yard sales before I confronted the reality that they are very heavy and there is just no easy way to display them, especially in a smaller house.

Still, though, there is something appealing about the old keys... the clicking sound... the ability to type text without batteries or any kind of power source...

Not that I want to return to those days, mind you. After several decades of word processing I think my brain is rather wired into typing text and then editing it later, rather than assembling it on paper or in your brain and typing it all out without errors. And I don't miss whiteout...

Anyway, I was amused to read on Mashable this morning that someone has a kit to turn your typewriter into a USB keyboard. You can apparently buy converted typewriters directly from ... or you can buy a kit to convert your own. The site has step-by-step pictures of how to convert your typewriter.

Of course, as Gizmodo adds with snark... this means you can type even slower on your iPad... :-)

I don't know that I'll do this... although I'm thinking that I have a small Underwood Portable that might be perfect for this... but it's fun to see that someone has done this!

What do you think? Going to convert one of your old typewriters?

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