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Congrats and best wishes to Frank Eliason and his move from Comcast to Citi

Frank Eliason

For those of us working in social media circles, the name of Frank Eliason is certainly one we've heard. He's been the person behind @ComcastCares and has not only helped put Comcast on the map with using social media for customer service, but also clearly shown to larger businesses how social media can help.  These days he's got a whole team of people working there at Comcast and a sophisticated system in place tracking/monitoring and helping Comcast respond.  As a former Comcast subscriber when I lived up in Burlington, VT, a few years back, I can attest to the speed at which Comcast responded on Twitter.  I also met Frank at an Enterprise 2.0 conference a year or two back in Boston, and appreciated the thoughtfulness with which he spoke about what they've done there at Comcast.

Now, in a post two weeks ago on the Comcastvoices blog titled simply "Goodbye", Frank writes about the successes there at Comcast and how he is moving on. Subsequent articles as well as Frank's own tweets identified his destination as landing at financial services firm Citi to head up their social media efforts.

Yes, it's a loss for Comcast, but in his time there Frank has built up a great team and I'm sure they will only continue to grow and expand their efforts.  Now it will be interesting to see what Frank does over at Citi!

Congrats and best wishes, Frank!

P.S. Jason Falls had an interesting post "A New Chapter in Personal Brands" about Frank's move...

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