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Diaspora (Facebook alternative) provides a progress report and video - "One Month In"

diaspora.jpgAs I wrote about before (and also here), I think the Diaspora project is a great idea and regardless of whether or not the guys truly establish a open, distributed Facebook alternative, the reality is that we're going to get some darn good research done into how open, distributed systems can be created.

They said they would keep us updated, and true to their word they now have a blog post out: "One Month In"

For starters, I was not aware that they had taken up residence at Pivotal Labs... which I view as a great move for all involved.

The post gives a view of what they are working on, lays out their plans for the rest of the summer and provides some screenshoots of a working Diaspora implementation.

They also include this video that shows messages propagating from one Diaspora node to six other ones. It's not necessarily super compelling video... but it gives a glimpse into working code. And, as they note, this is communication happening without any browser refreshes and without an XMPP server in the background:

Diaspora Message Propagation (pre-alpha!) from daniel grippi on Vimeo.

All in all it's cool stuff and I'll continue to be interested to see what they come up with over the course of the summer!

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