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Does the Disqus blog comment system not work with the iPad?

Are any of you out there using the iPad running into problems with leaving comments on blogs using the Disqus blog comment system?

This morning I browsed to Scott Monty's blog on my iPad and went to leave a comment on his "Picture This" post. (Great post, BTW!) I typed in my reply and then pressed the "Post as..." button... and... nothing:


Now, when I press that same button on my laptop, I see this window popup on the page:


allowing me to then choose the identity that I want to use to post the comment.

This popup does NOT appear for me when I'm using the iPad's browser to view Scott's blog.  I tried another blog that also used the Disqus system and had the same result.

Looking at the HTML source of the page, I'm guessing the issue may be the JavaScript script that Disqus is using to generate the comment form... but that's just a guess at this point.  It may also not be an issue with the Disqus system, per se, but more in the specific way that Scott's blog embeds the connection to Disqus. I don't know.  All I know is that when I had a comment to leave this morning, I couldn't do so.

Anyone else seeing this kind of issue using the iPad's browser with Disqus-powered blogs?

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